Friday, September 6, 2013

Iron Man 3 Pepakura Files .Rar - Download


Iron Man - Mark 3 Model was created by Tony Stark. It an upgraged version of Mark 2, after he found some flaw on previous version.

This suite it is  much more upgraded from Mark 2 model.
Every projectile weapon contain it`s own microcomputer which connects through wireless with it target system even after it is launched.
This suite is very strong . It contains 95.5 % titanium and 4.5 % gold. Especially helmet which is believed to be 100 % titanium.

To create this suit at home you should:


1 . Download Pepakura File Viewer:

Pepakura Viewer 3.0.5a Installer (2.1MB)

2. Download IronMan_PEP_Files.rar

On this package are included designs for:
Iron Man MKVII  - Model :
1. Helmet
2. Abs
3. Biceps
4. Cod
5. Flaps
6. Lower Forearm
7. Shoulder
8. Upper
9. Back
10. Chest
11. Elbow
12. Handplate
13. Shin
14. Thigh
15. Upper Forearm

Iron Man three it is a movie based from Marvel Comics . It is an continuing sequence of previous movies of Iron man and Iron Man 2.
Iron Man it is represented by Tony Stark . A billionaire who owns Stark Industries.
Stark Industries it is producing army for US Millitary. Iron Man it is called the suite which it is owned by Tony Stark.
The whole movie it is based on the skills of this man suite and his fights all over the world.
Many people have been inspired by this kind of model of suite and are trying to create it.
On the pepakura package file are included dimensions for helmet also.
It is believed from Marvel Comics that when a suit it is empy by inside it is very weak, and this condition changes and becomes much stronger only when an individ wears it.
This are the weapons that are included on Mark III model based on the movie Iron Man (2008):
 X2 Repulsor Rays
 X2 Shoulder-mounted Guns
 X2 Wrist-mounted Anti Tank Rockets
 X2 Hip Mounted Flares